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We want to change the way the world 'works'.

Here's how we're going to do it.

A Social


To-Do Lists


"Open-Collar is a Social Network for your business"

With Open-Collar your business becomes its own Private Social Network. Employees can coordinate and interact, with a familiar social interface.

Including functionality such as: Posts, Tagging, Private Messages, Group Chat, and a Robust Notification System.

"Our Apps are more than just a sum of their Parts"

Say goodbye to constantly switching between different Desktop Applications, Cloud Solutions, and Web-Apps.

Open-Collar's proprietary SaaS Apps communicate with each other to reduce redundancy and make your workday more efficient.

"Jump into your work with our To-Do List App"

When you're assigned a task its automatically added to your To-Do List, which is just a click-away at any time.

In fact, Open-Collar is built in such a way that you should never need to use more than 2 Clicks to find any piece of information, keeping you focused and on-task.

"It's about time you started getting Recognized"

We've decided to introduce an Achievement System to better incentivize your workplace.

These achievements are displayed on each employee's Account Page and can be shared and seen across the company.

The Problem

In the digital workplace there is no centralized hub for your business information.

Your information is fragmented across Wiki Systems, e-Mail Servers, Customer Relations Software, Social Media Outlets, and other
'Software as a Service' solutions.

Why 'Fragmentation' is an Issue

Not only do you have to manage multiple accounts across multiple systems, but these systems can't cooperate or interact with each other.

We are building a unified and cooperative environment where different Apps can interact and communicate by sharing data, under a single log-in.

Our Competitors

There are myriad smaller competitors and a few major competitors. We will differentiate ourselves from these competitors by offering cooperative apps on a free and open platform (that will be opened up to 3rd party app developers, in the future).

- 1 -

(The 300lb Gorilla in the Room)

An established but bloated solution.

Entrenched in the market with plenty of 'features' and lots of 'muscle'. An all-in-one solution that was designed for companies, not employees.

Similar Competitors -> Microsoft Share Point, Google Apps

- 2 -

(More Intuitive, Less Integrated)

An elegant and usable solution.

Designed with the employee in mind. However, 37Signal's tools don't integrate
or coordinate with eachother.

Similar Competitors -> Pivotal Tracker, Zoho

- 3 -

(Our Closest Competitor)

Intelligent and Integrated, but...

Podio is overloaded with Apps (around 845) that cannibalize off each other's functionality. It's under a single log-in, but the apps still don't cooperate.

In addition it costs $8/employee per month!

Similar Competitors -> Yammer, Hall, Jive

The isolated nature of these applications forces employees to manage multiple
solutions in order to stay organized. They also have to distribute redundant data between these applications in order to stay synchronized.

Our Solution

We create a system where apps can be truly integrated. When a piece of data is updated all Apps that share the data are synchronized in real time.

Users get a free system where they can buy additional features they want, as Apps.

Open-Collar: Features

Here are some of the ways that we think Open-Collar can solve the problem of 'fragmented information', in an intuitive and cooperative way.

App Store

Apps that coordinate and cooperate with each other. Integrated 'default' apps will be free to use, while more intensive and 3rd party apps will be priced accordingly.

This allows competitors like 37Signals to develop apps, for profit, on our platform.

Private Social Intranet

You'll be automaticly connected to all your co-workers under one private roof. Complete with tagging, status updates, wall posts, and instant messaging.

Achievement System

We want employees to feel rewarded when they achieve something important.

We are bringing gamification to the work place to improve productivity in the office, through friendly competition. Achievements can even have real world rewards attached to them!

Intelligent To-Do List

We are streamlining the task management process by introducing an automated to-do list. Any time a task is assigned to a user, updated, or completed the user's to-do list is automatically updated to reflect this change. No more wasting time keeping your to-do list up to date!

Having all of your resources in one automated environment will make all your employees' lives easier; no matter their geographical location

Video Demo

We believe this system will change the way the world works but you really need to see it to believe it.

Target Customers

We expect our main customer base to evolve over time. At Open-Collar we believe its important to know our customers and grow with them.

Early Adopters

Early adopters will be mainly small businesses and startups that have few offices and use telecommuting to access a larger talent pool.

Open-Collar will allow them to manage their resourceses no matter where their employees are.


Small Business

Fast Followers

Our fast followers will mainly consist of established businesses looking to stay lean as they grow.

Open-Collar will allow them to see what is happening through out their entire business reguardless of the number of branches or offices.


Mid-Sized Biz
Work From Home

Mass Market

The later companies to adopt will be large businesses.

This tool will be vital to keeping information organized different platforms. They will be slow to change because they will already have systems inplace.


Large Businesses
Many Teams
Many Projects

By staying focused on the changing wants and needs of our customers we will be able to provide an unparalleled experience for our customers.

Market Size

Recently, there has been major growth in both SaaS tools and telecommuting. As more employees commute virtually, managing a team online will be even more important. Facilitating quick and direct communication will be vital for businesses to stay competitve in their markets.



- and -

Past/Expected Growth


The market is poised for a major shift with the growth of these industries and Open-Collar will be leading the way; changing they way the works works by making the work day simpler.

Reaching Our Customers

As our customers change and our business grows we will need new forms of customer acquisition.

Early Adopters

They will hear about us through our PR, Online marketing, and Social Media outreach.

Many people will also hear about us from out posts in online comunities we love including Reddit, Hacker News, Digg, Stumble Upon, and others.


Social Media

Fast Followers

In addition to the methods we'll use with early adopters, we plan to present Open-Collar at trade shows and events.

The word of mouth from early adopters will help get our name out as well as initial reviews or our service.


Online Marketing
Publicized Reviews

Mass Market

The mass-market will be big companies with large amounts of data making it hard for them to change.

We will leverage existing user data to spread the word of Open-Collar as employees move from job to job. We will also pursue traditional advertising.


Online Marketing
Viral Effect
Traditional Ads

We will refine our messaging based on the effectiveness of previous campaigns to constantly improve our outreach.

Who We Are

Come meet the team!

Kevin Segel


I graduated from Bentley University (2011) with a degree in Business Strategy and Usability. I've since co-founded a consulting company (Idiomation) and a small tech start-up (qCards). Currently I'm the product manager (and an executive) for SoundFit.

Max Shay


In 2011 I graduated from Brandeis University with a degree in Computer Science. I co-founded Idiomation and qCards with Kevin and I also work as the Lead Developer and Designer for SoundFit. I'm currently building my own custom and modular CMS system for future projects.

Ben Simon-Thomas


I've been using my expertise in marketing campaigns, building professional relationships, and systems organization, to create productive and profitable companies for the past 20 years. Recently I've worked as the COO at GroupGain and the CMO for SoundFit.

Open positions are available, too!

Developers (x2)

We are looking for two talented web developers who live, sleep, and breathe PHP/MySQL.


We'd like to add a person to our team to help manage our finances as we pursue our first round of funding.

Marketing Personnel

We are looking for a marketing person who can help with our online out reach.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to read through our Pitch-Deck; we hope you enjoyed our presentation. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have.